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Welcome to My HomePage
Patrick Dua, M.A., Dr. phil.
Adjunct Professor - University of Maryland in Europe

Please, look around and be inspired !

I first developed this site in 1997 to provide students with useful academic information dealing with my teaching fields. Such students usually took various courses with me either at the Mannheim Campus of the University of Maryland (till 2005), or at the other dispersed venues featuring University of Maryland University College courses in Germany. Enrollment in UMUC Europe courses is open to academically qualified members of the U.S. Armed Forces, American employees of the U.S. Government, and their family members. UMUC Europe education centers and facilities are hosted by the U.S military communities located across Europe.

The past decade has witnessed a dramatic increase in the offering of distance education and hybrid courses. The significance of individual home pages for professors, as we enter the second half of 2011, has also risen correspondingly in proportion to the increase in web-based course offers. Online students have a particular need for basic course information or other materials to help them with their selection of courses to take.

Of course, this kind of professor home pages was not very common in 1997 when I first designed my original. But after more than ten years, my kids had taken pleasure in bringing the fact clearly home to me
about how old-fashioned my previous website was! This therefore was what compelled me to convert my original website into the completely revamped settings that you are now reading. Actually, the internet itself as a mass phenomenon was only slowly emerging in 1997. So my site was seen back then by many as an impressive specimen of web-presence grandstanding!

In any case, the mission of the University of Maryland in Europe since 1949 has been to provide academic programs to members of U.S. military communities throughout the European command. UMUC courses are organized centrally by the European Headquarters located in Heidelberg, Germany. Further information concerning the Maryland in Europe program or academic resources
can be obtained at the appropriate websites.

Under normal circumstances, any of the COURSES listed below may be taught by me, if they happen to be on offer:

  • GVPT 100: Introduction to Political Science
  • GVPT 200: International Political Relations
  • GVPT 240: Political Ideologies
  • GVPT 282: Government & Politics of the Third World
  • GVPT 308: Human Rights in the World

  • GVPT 401: Problems of World Politics
  • GVPT 403: Law, Morality and War
  • GVPT 406: Global Terrorism
  • GVPT 443: Contemporary Political Theory
  • GVPT 454: Contemporary African Politics

  • PHIL 100: Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 140: Contemporary Moral Issues
  • PHIL 170: Introduction to Logic
  • PHIL 209: Law and Society


  • GVPT 1990/377L: UN Peacekeeping
  • GVPT 199C/401D: International Terrorism
  • GVPT 377S: Black Africa-Black America (normally in commemoration of Black History Month)
  • GVPT 377P: Ethics in International Politics

Last Update: July 2013
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